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Certified Professional WETT Inspections

Hearth & Ember Home Heating is pleased to offer WETT inspections for all wood burning appliances. Whether you have a masonry fireplace or a combination oil and wood furnace, Hearth & Ember can provide the service you require. Through a strategic business alliance,  We can provide basic to comprehensive WETT inspections, chimney sweeps, repairs, installation, and consultation for all your projects.

The most common need for a WETT inspection is during the sale of a property. Most insurance companies require that new property owners have their wood-burning appliance inspected by a certified WETT Inspector who will provide a written inspection report. Check with your insurance company to ensure your home will be properly insured once you take possession. 

At Hearth & Ember Home Heating chimney inspection includes a detailed inspection report with photos of your chimney taken during the site inspection. The report addresses each existing component individually, detailing our findings to provide you with a summary of the current condition of your chimney. If there are any deficiencies, we’re here to provide you with a professional and lasting solution. Do it once, do it right!

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Certified Professional WETT Inspections
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What is a WETT Inspection?

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technical Transfer; it has nothing to do with water!  WETT is for wood burning appliances only.  With rising utility costs, people are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes and turning to wood burning units.  With wood burning units, there is a risk.  To ensure your wood burning unit is in proper working condition, a proper WETT inspection should be completed by a certified WETT inspector.  These inspections are all about being up to current code.  Wood stoves, brick fireplaces and factory built fireplaces all have different codes for installation and clearances.

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