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Modern Propane Space Heaters

When it comes to comfort, efficiency, and environmental impact, high-efficiency propane-powered space heaters consistently outperform electric systems, providing benefits that simply can’t be matched.

Hearth & Ember Home Heating helps homeowners throughout Prince Edward Island move up to more heat and performance with modern factory-built propane space heaters. We offer professional installation, and we’re happy to work with you to determine the best model and value for your home and budget.

High-efficiency propane space heaters, are rated anywhere between 90 and 98 percent efficient. Their increased efficiency can mean substantial savings in a homeowner’s annual energy bill.

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Advantages of Propane Space Heater

Direct-Vent systems mount on an outside wall and have a vent-within-a-vent system to draw in outdoor air to support combustion and
exhaust flue products to the outdoors. The vent cap installs on the outside wall of the home. Because they do not draw your already-heated room air to support combustion, Direct-Vent systems are among the most efficient of the vented heaters. A Direct-Vent system may be installed as your home’s primary heating system.

Invest in Modern Propane Space Heaters

High-efficiency propane space heaters are worth considering, especially for mindful industry professionals, and the homeowners they serve, interested in improving their property’s carbon footprint. Not only can they provide energy, cost, and carbon savings in both new and existing homes, but they also deliver a higher level of comfort to today’s homeowners.

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