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Modern Wood Fireplace Inserts

There’s something about wood fireplaces that people all over the Maritimes love. Maybe it’s the natural feel of using real wood to heat their homes. Or maybe it’s the stunning visuals, crackling logs and elegant aesthetics. Then there’s the fact that wood keeps on burning during any storm that causes power outages.

Hearth & Ember Home Heating helps homeowners throughout Prince Edward Island move up to more heat and performance with modern factory-built wood fireplaces. We offer professional installation, and we’re happy to work with you to determine the best model and value for your home and budget.

Zero-clearance (or ZC) fireplaces are pre-built and ready to install in an outside wall in your home. These units come heavily insulated, making them safe to be installed very close to wall boards, flooring, wiring and other materials in your home.

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wood insert
wood FIREPLACE insert

Advantages of Wood Fireplacen Inserts

  • Amazing, consistent heat on the coldest nights
  • Increased Home Value
  • Heating During Power Outages
  • Cheaper Utility Bills During the Winter
  • Costs Less Than Gas fireplaces
  • Clean-burning operation meets all stringent EPA requirements
  • Can install in any outside wall in your home – venting goes through a wall or the ceiling
  • Runs on natural wood

Invest in Modern Wood Fireplace Insert

If you’re into wood fires, you’ll sacrifice nothing when you move up to a new zero-clearance wood fireplace. You’ll enjoy all the robust flames, crackling logs and amazing beauty you’ve come to love in your standard masonry fireplace.

Wood fireplaces from top makers come in a variety of sizes, design styles, finishes and colors, so you’ll find it easy to bring home a model that will add an instant touch of customized elegance and be an attractive centerpiece for relaxing, entertaining and indoor living.

modern wood FIREPLACE insert


Propane fireplace in brick wall
Propane fireplace with white mantel
Propane fireplace in brick mantel
Propane fireplace surrounded by brick
modern Propane fireplace
Propane fireplace in stone mantel

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